sourcemetro Knowledge base allows you to share information from your website
or any website with specialized and eliminating time wasted searching for information across
disparate systems such as sub page or inner page of websites.

Easily track number of people who visit your website daily,
weekly and monthly so you'll know how successful your web site is,
what times of year are busiest,
and what direction your site is headed in.
Find out which pages visitors usually enter your web site through so you can include more introductory information on your site's products and services.
Learn which pages website visitors typically exit from so you'll know you need to either improve their content,
graphics and lay-out or add more links to other parts of the site.

Track hourly web site traffic to know what times of day are busiest so you can update content and staff your sales and support departments accordingly.
Discover which search engines people use to reach your website and what keywords they type in the search engine so you know what keywords and search engines to focus on when developing your web site or placing search-related ads.
Analyze other useful information from our reports about website visitors including their countries, browsers,
languages, operating systems, IP addresses as well as number of repeated visitors.
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